EC $$

Below, enter your secret key and the number of dollar bills you want and click Go. I'll generate Extra Credit dollar bills for you to print off and cut. Your students will love these crisp new babies. It's never been EC'er.

Your secret key must be a suitably hard-to-guess string that's used to generate your currency's serial numbers. It's important that you remember it or you won't be able to use the automatic currency validator to scan the bill and easily exclude counterfeits. You will be able to enter this secret key into my companion EC currency validating mobile app so you can simply point your phone's camera at an EC dollar bill to establish its validity. I typically use a secret string that includes a course identifier, the term, year and, of course, other secret information that only lives in my head. For example, it's something like: "Winter-2016, CS2B, &'s Secret Password." Note that you'll have to type it in verbatim into the checker app - including spaces, cases and punctuations.

Your Secret Phrase (Make sure no one's peeking):
How many dollar bills do you want to generate?

Once your dollar bills are ready to print a link will show up below, and be available for at least 24 hours. You can click on the link to get your dollar bill images, and the list of serial numbers.

Don't forget to download the companion EC currency checking app from the App Store (to be available soon).

Click on the thumbnails below to expand and print the images of your dollar bill sheet(s).

Please wait while I generate your currency

Download the currency serial numbers here.

The URL ({{ownUrl}}) will be available for at least 24 hrs.